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2017 Awards Dinner

San Antonio Aviation and Aerospace Hall of Fame
Event Date 30 March 2017


Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

For her leadership in the creation of Port San Antonio.

Lt. Col. Olga Custodio (USAF Retired)

For her leadership as the first Latina US military pilot, first Latina flight instructor for the Air Education and Training Command, and the first Latina captain for American Airlines

Dr. Bernard A. Harris, Jr.

For his leadership as a NASA astronaut . Dr.Harris became the first African American to perform an extra-vehicular activity(spacewalk)during the second of his two Space Shuttle flights.

Col. William Charles Ocker and Major Carl Joseph Crane

For their leadership in developing instrument flight systems .The Crane/Ocker collaboration resulted in the invention of the Pre-Flight Reflex Trainer, a navigational aid called the Flight Integrator, and their co-authorship in 1932 of the world's first manual for instrumental flight, Blind Flight in Theory and Practice (1932).

William Tuttle and Luther Bynum Clegg

For their leadership in funding and acquiring the land that was deeded to the US government that became Randolph Air Force Base and in the process helped retain Kelly Field in San Antonio.

433rd Airlift Wing

For its leadership in ensuring combat readiness and performance of peacetime missions.



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