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Our Mission

Honoring our San Antonio heritage, The Dee Howard Foundation is on a mission to inspire, educate, and secure access for our youth to pursue careers in aerospace, in partnership with our industry, technology, and education ecosystem.

We seek to inspire, challenge and empower innovators in these fields while training a skilled workforce for the San Antonio, Texas Region. The Dee Howard Foundation Fund (DHF) was established in memory of aviation pioneer and entrepreneur Dee Howard for the support of programs that enhance excellence and global leadership of the aviation and automotive sectors in the San Antonio, Texas Region.

DHF's Primary Focus - Aviation and Aerospace in San Antonio

Goals related to Primary Focus:

  1. Create jobs;
  2. Provide a skilled workforce to fill those jobs;
  3. Stimulate invention, development, manufacture and installation of innovative, cutting edge technology; and
  4. Preserve the history of aviation in San Antonio.